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Help with diagrams?

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Hi all...

have a major issue with headlights at the moment, flashing and not working at random times... have had this looked at and seems to be a major wiring issue, so im going to have the entire headlight system rewired from ground up... but before we go ahead with this we would like to know what we are working with... therefore any help with an electrical diagram of the headlight wiring from the dash switch & hi-beam on the stork down to the headlights themselves would be greatly appreciated...

Thanks heaps

Justin Wilkie

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In the Big Mack trucks wiki, there are R model wiring diagrams that will give you the basic headlight harness info.

It is listed under antique and classic section. Obviously with a 2006 truck, it won't be exact to your application.

Sounds like you have a bad connector, chafed wire, bad ground, defective switch all of which can make for a long day.


It doesn't cost anything to pay attention.

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Sounds like a bad pin in a connector or bad ground to me.

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