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Superliner And A Boy


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I am new here, and do not own a mack. I found a link on youtube below a v8 mack running vid.

I have been around trucks since i was 7. So much in fact, I told my father off when I was 12 and refused to get back in that vibrating piece of crap cabover during a summer of more miles that I still can't remember...(that was early 80s)

Only recently 25 years later have i come to peace.My dad is shgowing his age, I am approaching mid age myself. We agree on trucks getting quite comfortable. The heat works, the jake is quieter, 550hp is a norm without head rattling earthquaking straight pipes. The straight 6 sucks. especially as a passenger...although only a bit better today.

Anyway, I am here as a v8 mack fan more than anything, although may be able to input some info anyway.

I have a story from when I was a boy...

One of my dads friends stepped up to stop us from arguing and said, "hey you can ride with me, maybe you two will cool off."

No problem. fine by me and my father.

I noticed instantly upon takeoff the engine stayed within itself. A sense of balance, even lower rpms than I am used to,and a tremendous freakin pull! No turbo in my face, no smell of exhaust and a big square hood obviously sinking back into some kind of misaligned cab and bunk. Anyway... the driver laughed when I asked and said it was a v8. It had many nicknames. I never forgot. If I were to drive...it better be a goddamn v8.

That is my story and its been 23 years of seeing maybe half a dozen functioning on the road as serviced. I hope thier is a repeat of better history and the v8 is a norm. Meanwhile, I lurk and look at the restoring and rarity and some fine work from what I have seen.


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Welcome to the site. I think you saw my vid on Youtube of Stan's green Superliner. It's quite a truck and I'm wait'n my turn behind the wheel. I need to feel what 1000 ci of Mack motor is like(compared to my little 673).



1959 B61 Liv'n Large......................

Charter member of the "MACK PACK"


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