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B-61 flywheel issues and questions.

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I recently bought a 1961 B-61 single axle, and was unsure of the condition of the starter (24 Volt) when I bought it because the batteries were gone. The previous owner used a tractor to pull start it when he used it. He said the starter worked, which it did when I finally got some batteries and cranked it over. However, the starter sometimes would not engage and made a grinding sound. So I took the starter off and had it rebuilt. Mean while, I got under the truck and rotated the flywheel, and noticed that 2 diffrent spots on the flywheel have 5 or 6 teeth ground down and mushroomed. I filed the teeth the best I could so the starter could engage, and re-installed the starter. Although the starter is working good now, I hate the thought of the flywheel having bad teeth, and was wondering if anyone has ever changed one and how hard it is, or has any sugestions to make me feel better about it.

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The ring gear on the flywheel is a separate piece and is replaceable if still available.

It's not too bad of a job once everything else is dissembled.

The ring gear is a shrink fit onto the flywheel.

Heat the ring gear gradually and evenly with a torch to expand it then drive it off the flywheel.

Installing new one is the same deal after everything is cleaned.

Turn flywheel upside down and lay ring gear on top of flywheel.

Gradually and evenly heating the ring gear until it expands and just starts to drop onto the ledge on the flywheel.

Gently drive the ring gear until it is completely seated on the ledge on the flywheel.

That having been said, I'd just use it for now until you have a problem with it.

Who knows it might never give you a problem.

Just for curiosity sake you could look into the availability of a new ring gear, they at one time weren't that expensive.


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