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E7 427 ECM

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My 98 Ch 613 , E7 keeps showing a low oil pressure sensor code. The sensor was replaced about 2 months ago but the code shows up about twice a week. The oil pressure gauge has always showed good pressure. The funny thing is I used to get the orange malfunction light and the red engine shut down light but now im only getting the red engine shut down light. The orange one isnt burned out, it still comes on when the ignition is turned on (engine off).

Anyway, the engine shutdown wouldn't be on long enough to shut down the motor. So I took it to the independent shop that I use, they specialize in Macks only, they had a few ideas......could be wiring, may be the ecm, probably not the new sensor. They gave me a loaner ECM to use. Haven't had the code yet but only put about 60 miles on the truck.

They're leaning towards a bad ECM but, they want to make sure before I buy a new one. Good Mack guys with some history behind them. One started at Chicago Mack at 33rd and the Dan Ryan. You older Chicago guys will remember, right behind the old Comiskey Park scoreboard.

So my questions are these: Has anyone had a similar problem? If the ECM is bad do I get one from the dealer (ouch) or try something like this www.ecmking.com? (Just found that today.) And what are talking from the dealer $1000? $1500? I cant call them it's Saturday night.

Thanks for your help.

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Do you have VMAC II or VMAC III? Also what was the code? It should be a PID 100 (oil pressure sensor) with an FMI of 1 (low pressure, red lamp only), 3 (signal voltage high), or 4 (signal voltage low). It is possible that the connector on the oil pressure sensor has worn out terminals (streched out) which will cause an intermittant connection or there is a break in the wire close to the sensor. If the ECM is bad you do not have to buy one from the dealer, you can buy from another supplier, you can even get a used one from a salvage yard, but it does have to be programmed at the dealer for the engine governer settings.

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Hi fellas, I have also been having the same problem with my 2002 Mack ch613. My started shutting down on me at a light. The funny thing with my truck is I am getting the low oil pressure code too but I am getting no lights on the dash. Yesterday it died on me like 10 to 15 times. It’s getting worse everyday. I am thinking it’s an ECM but not sure. Idk if you guys have any suggestions. At this point I am kind stumped.

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you can hook an oil pressure gauge to the filter pad and see if pressure is low. at 10psi or lower the engine will shut down. if you have good pressure, check the harness to the sender and replace the sender if the wires are good and the pins make a tight connection. I have a hose made up with a gauge on it. the hose is long enough so that I can put it through the window and watch it as i drive the truck.. Im not saying 'no' to an ECM issue, just starting simple.. jojo

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