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Allentown Firehouses/Engines


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Many months ago, there was a City of Allentown Firetruck thread, but I can’t find it. I’m looking for some info on their trucks/houses (specifically, Central). Anyone from the area have some knowlege?

I can share the backstory if you'd like.

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My mother had a lot of family in Allentown, and as a child I spent a good chunk of each summer there. My wife and I are going on a roadtrip to New England this week, and we're breaking up the trip by spending the night in the Allentown area. Sadly, no time for a museum visit or anything. But, we'll run the dogs around Jordan Park, and then I'll show her where my Mom grew up.

I had an uncle (my Mom's uncle, really) who did many years at AFD at an ancient firehouse. He would let me, looking back, "run wild" and provided me with great memories. He would have an Engine in the short driveway, and let me run the lights and sirens. Whee! I do remember the pole, and hoofmarks in the back of the bays where stalls used to be.

Guessing by the neighborhood, he worked at Central (until the last part of his career). But looking at Google maps street view, the building looks bigger and newer than I remember. I think, with some info from RIch, that the building was rehabbed, perhaps? My visits would have been in the 70s and early 80s. That was the main question - Did the Central station move or get rehabbed? I'd like to walk by there.

I believe the engine that I would play on was a 1957 B model.

I did find an article in the Morning Call about a guy buying a 1957 fire truck from the city. His name was Charles Noti, and it sounds like over time he'd bought a few fire trucks and other city auction items. He's since died. Wonder what happened of his collection?

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