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Trouble about donating the museum.

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Living in my beautiful country I'm able to get and do most useful things wich man in civilized world used to.

Although I always need to "sleep with one eye open" because there are many chances to get into a cavit on a flat surface.

Here I go...

Some time ago I contacted Mack Trucks Historical Museum with a reason for a info on my resto project.

Don Schumacher answered me and after some time another guy informed me he sent a package to the adress I gave.

By the word it was my friend's adress in Germany because I'm shure a post will find this point, not as in Russia.

I picked up the pack and found what I was asked for.

And all was nice so far.

I contacted the museum again and asked of could I make donation using a credit card or PayPal.

They answered "not, but we can recieve "Western Union".

I felt no worries to that point because W.U. is commonly used here.

Being in the nearest office I said of what I want but got an answer "Money transfers to physical persons only", not to organizations/companies.

The central office doubled that fact.

I was going to email the museum again but came into solution it's not nice to disturb good guys so much with a stupid reason.

They would be glad to get a bit of extra $$ I hope but they better spend their time they have not enough to support another people who really need their help.

The matter of question: I'm shure there is a lot of people on here who use PayPal.

It would be nice if someone would get my poor $50 onto his PayPal account and resend it via Western Union or any other acceptable way to the museum. If any comission is required I will cover it for shure.


Никогда не бывает слишком много грузовиков! leversole 11.2012

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I can do the same if something falls through, just let me know. I will be with Don tomorrow at Maple Grove and will discuss this situation. At our next board meeting I will raise the question about creating an online method for contributions. Doug

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Interested in Old Trucks? Check out:


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Doug, thank you for paying attention.

I didn't want to initialaze international trouble-shooting congress although my questioning up might help in the future.


Никогда не бывает слишком много грузовиков! leversole 11.2012

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