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Wedge Brakes

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hi hello does anybody know what year did mack stop using wedge brakes

I dont know when they went away but all i can say good deal We are all better off now.

But for real the shoes on them wil last for ever.I dont think you can wear them out because the shoes hardly ever though the drums. The adjuster are froze up before the shoes are wore out. glenn

glenn akers

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Guest 45LMSWM

The company I work for has a 1980 DM800 with 80,000 rears from a 1973 DM800 that are equipped with wedge brakes. We just had (2) wheels apart to fix a broken axle shaft, and the shoes are barely worn at all after 5 years of use. Truck and trailer weighs nearly 100,000 empty, forget about loaded. And they stop very, very well.

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