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Lightning bolt comes on then turns off

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2007 CL-733 Cummins ISX. Washed it today and on a cruise afterwards the lightning bolt on the dash would come on then go off every couple of minutes. The truck ran fine, no power problems, gauges all worked with no problems. Only the exterior was washed, nothing inside got wet. I know it's vague but is there anyone that can tell me what's wrong? Or is there a way I can pin point what it wrong?



87 RD 686SX

07 CL-733

06 Granite CV-713

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The lightning bolt signifies an electrical problem, ANY electrical problem....could be nothing, could be a big deal. Mine comes on if the thermometer craps out....pita. If it doesn't have the vmac system, maybe get it scanned, I am pretty sure they store error codes. Just one goofy reading will set it off, personally I would rather spend the money and keep rolling....

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