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1973/74 Brockway N361T in upcoming Alabama auction


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I regularly buy items in online auctions at Sam Lilly Liquidators in Helena, AL and have found some pretty good deals there. http://www.samlilly.com/. He mostly has business close-outs, estate items, office furniture, etc. but occassionally has vehicles and recreational vehicles.

I recently stopped by to pick-up my latest acquitions and saw a Brockway parked in front of the building. Looking it over it's obviously in rough condition but thought I'd post it here anyway in case someone might be interested.

Couldn't find a VIN plate but the office ladies referred me to some photos they already entered in their computer. The auction has not be posted yet. The listing can be found if you go to the web site and enter "Brockway" in the "Search" box. The owner said the auction is scheduled to start July 7th.

The cab doesn't look too bad except for the roof which has completely rusted thru in several places. Don't know if it runs or if it will even turn over. Only looked at one side of the engine and didn't have much time for questions before closing. They listed it as a 1974 but I thinks it's a 1973. Also I couldn't find anything on the information they provided in the listing which was supposed to have come from a plate they found inside the vehicle.

Item Description

1974 Brockway Truck, 185,544 Miles

Model NTC-250

Engine# 10462735

Engine Certification Identification: Family-092 CPI-0176

So.No. 15221

Mfg. Date 11-74

Ref. No. 3966-A2-3

The VIN plate in the photo lists it as a model N361T with Serial Number 79066. The cab has Huskidrive on the right front fender and dash. It has twin Huskies for a hood ornament just above the number "361". It's a single axle tractor with a five speed transmission and some type of towing rig on the 5th wheel. Looks like the winch has been removed if it ever had one.

If anybody interested in bidding has questions or needs more information that can't be answered by contacting the company let me know and I'll go back by and see if I can help. This is not my truck and I don't have any part in the company. The owner has just become a friend and I offered to put it out there to see if there was any interest.

post-10091-0-89996600-1371776472_thumb.j post-10091-0-75037200-1371776479_thumb.j

post-10091-0-68073600-1371776485_thumb.j post-10091-0-03361000-1371776491_thumb.j

post-10091-0-12497300-1371776499_thumb.j post-10091-0-26110000-1371776504_thumb.j

post-10091-0-82104400-1371776509_thumb.j post-10091-0-46930400-1371776539_thumb.j

post-10091-0-14521700-1371776547_thumb.j post-10091-0-30306100-1371776554_thumb.j

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