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Peterbilt Model 320 LCF gets new interior


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Fleet Owner / May 22, 2013

NEW ORLEANS. The low-cab forward Peterbilt Model 320 has been updated with an all-new ProBilt interior that improves ergonomics, visibility and comfort, according to Peterbilt, which introduced the floor-to-ceiling redesign at the Waste Expo show.

Among the most notable changes is a new dash with molded-in color for better durability. It features a large driver information display for critical vehicle data, backlit LED gauges and removable panels for easier access to electrical and HVAC components. Controls for a reworked HVAC system have been moved to the header, as have toggle switches for body devices and the audio system.

A multi-purpose center console now sits between driver and passenger seats, offering multiple storage compartments and cup holders, as well as a USB charging port and a 12VDC charging outlet. Removable panels on the console also provide easier access to body controls.

Throttle and brake pedal positions have been modified to improve comfort and safety, according to Peterbilt chief engineer Landon Sproull, who also pointed out the new interior’s symmetrical design for accommodating either left- or right-hand drive configurations.

Other features of the new interior include a padded headliner for better thermal and acoustic performance, a 4-speaker audio system, tilt/telescoping steering wheel and heated seats.


Work Truck magazine / May 22, 2013

Peterbilt unveiled its all-new Model 320 interior during the Waste Expo show in New Orleans. The new ProBilt interior for Peterbilt’s low-cab forward vehicle features ergonomic improvements, system enhancements and improved overall visibility for maximum operator efficiency and comfort.

“The Model 320’s new interior delivers unparalleled fit and finish and provides drivers a comfortable and productive operating environment for outstanding performance in this specialty market,” said Robert Woodall, Peterbilt Director of Sales and Marketing. “Inside and out, Peterbilt’s Model 320 performs the most challenging jobs with uncompromising durability and quality.”

The Model 320 interior underwent a floor-to-ceiling re-design, beginning with the new ergonomic dash layout.

An in-mold process embeds color directly into the dash for a durable, long-lasting finish, which virtually eliminates fading, scratching and peeling. Removable dash panels allow easy access to electrical and HVAC components. An improved HVAC system maintains reliable performance and consistent heating and cooling throughout the cab. The new header includes overhead HVAC controls and toggle switches for body devices and the ConcertClass audio system.

The cab’s B-pillar has been re-designed to include cab corner windows for increased visibility. A lowered dash brow and a large, retractable sunshade that spreads the length of the front windshield also contributes to improved overall visibility.

The new interior includes a large, multi-purpose center console.

Removable panels allow for easy installation and convenient access to body controls. Storage space is abundant, with multiple large storage compartments, a space designed specifically for a small lunch cooler, driver and passenger side cup holders as well as a USB charging port and 12VDC charging outlet.

The cab features the extensive use of contemporary LED lighting, including two directional dome lights in the header, as well as two over-the-door lights and one large light on the back wall. LED lighting reduces eye fatigue and power consumption and also provides extended bulb life.

Additional features include:

• Padded headliner for improved thermal and acoustic performance;
• 4-speaker audio system;
• Vertical-parked windshield wipers;
• Header and over-door storage capacity;
• Padded door panels with power controls for windows and mirrors;
• Tilt/telescoping steering wheel;
• Multi-function turn-stalk;
• Heated seats;
• Available in left-hand and right-hand drive configurations.




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The 2013 Peterbilt 320 is indeed a superb looking truck. The original model 310 was introduced in 1978 (same year as the MR), the successor model 320 came in 1987, and the 320's instrument panel got an upgrade in 2000.

Introduced in 1978, the Mack MR was a game changer for the refuse industry. It came about in response to Crane Carrier Corporation's low cab forward "Centurion" refuse chassis launched in 1974. Mack President Henry J. Nave was so impressed with the industry-changing Centurion, the first vehicle of its kind designed specifically to meet the needs of the refuse industry, that he ordered Mack engineers to study and surpass it.

Owning the Mack brand since 2000, Volvo has made no effort to invest in a much needed all-new cab and chassis replacement for the MR. Volvo dragged their feet and finally introduced the hideous looking “Terrapro” facelift in 2007. This low-cost, modest refresh of a nearly 30 year old truck, notable only for its tacky new appearance, has done nothing to impress the refuse industry.

The MR (Terrapro) is long on the tooth now in terms of technology - the refuse industry would welcome a game-changing new refuse chassis that would revolutionize the business in the way the MR did in 1978. However Volvo has no desire to invest in that direction. Expect a new model featuring a low-mounted Volvo global cab on the Volvo chassis in the future (something like the pictures below).



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