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Penske Truck Rental adds 500 tractors with UltraShift Plus transmission


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Fleet Owner / May 9, 2013

Penske Truck Rental is adding 500 new Freightliner tractors to its commercial truck rental fleet, each with the Eaton UltraShift Plus multi-purpose high performance (MHP) automated transmission.

“We’re pleased to introduce this new automated transmission as a value-added feature for our commercial rental customers and their truck drivers,” said Penske’s Don Mikes, senior vice president of rental. “Smooth shifting automated transmissions offer fleet operators improved fuel economy and an added dimension of safety as the truck driver’s hands stay on the wheel versus shifting manually.”

The UltraShift Plus performance series is built on Eaton’s Fuller 13- and 18-speed manual transmissions. It uses an electronic clutch actuator to provide faster shifting and smoother engagement. Intelligent shift selection software uses changes in grade, weight and throttle to calculate the most efficient and effective shift points. The UltraShift Plus fully engages the clutch at idle, giving the driver ultimate control in challenging situations.

“We are pleased that Penske Truck Rental has chosen Eaton’s UltraShift Plus transmissions for these new additions to its fleet,” said John Coll, vice president, global marketing for Eaton’s Vehicle Group. “Commercial drivers, who rent these trucks will experience the benefits of our product that have helped make UltraShift Plus automated transmissions a popular choice among professional drivers.”

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I used to work at Penske. Good company

Agreed. It was usually a pleasure in the 80s and 90s to take in Mack Penske trade-ins and resell them. They were maintained with integrity. All the Penske people I ever met were high caliber and reasonable to work with.

With Ryder trade-ins, you never knew what kind of a mess you were getting. Their mechanics were average to terrible resulting in shoddy repairs that haunted many buyers.

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