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Waylon Jennings Macks

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Im looking for information on Waylon Jennings old Macks. A friend is restoring Miss Jessi. He told me about that he had seen Miss Jessi and a Waylon B-61 Integ. sleeper with buses be hind them when he use to drive. He is not sure if he just thinks he saw them or if he really saw them. Any help will be great. Also My friend said he had an F Model Mack and an H Model. Any pictures and information about where they are would be great. Thanks.

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I've been searching for the H-67 for better than 20 years .

I saw the truck in '80 in Knoxville,Tn. At that time it was located on I-75 N at the Merchants Dr. Exit on the east side of the highway ,in side a fenced lot. It was on a Sunday there was no body at the lot . I had heard of the truck and had already talked to the guy who built it & he had told me that he was building it for Waylon. I very foolishly climbed over the 10' chainlink fence and

I came very close to getting bit by the Doberman that they had guarding the lot. I never saw the dog until I was inside the fence and I only got out after I had a buddy go to a supermarket and buy several pounds of hamburger to use to bait him away from that H-Model cause he had me cornered on the top of truck. It was a one of a kind H-Model and appeared to have had a high dollar resto' and updated running gear.

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