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Ok so I seen a few posts about this engine and started a post a few months ago about weather to replace or rebuild my 711. After getting to ride in a b81 that has a 250 in it I really like the thought of running this engine in my truck plus a few of.you guys recommended doing this in my other post. A friend of mine told.me the 250 is hard to come by anymore witch I beleave him but I just wanted to get some input on the exact years trucks this engine came in or any companys out there that deal with used Mack engines. Thanks


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What does this 711 need? And what do you want out of it? Know this........if ya want it bad enough.......it is out there for ya. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ mike

The 711 runs ok as far as I can tell but its not the original engine to the truck its out of a r model or somthing newer. I can't run the power steering pump I have for it because of the way the oil filter housing is and the coolent maniflolds not being right. I know its not a big deal to make it work but since its not right to begin with and the truck didn't come that way I might as well make it the way I want it and have a bit more power too lol
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