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Check In Your Lowest Fuel Price


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Here in Findlay..............$3.10 Regular Unleaded

.....................................$2.80 Diesel

That's about average. It could be a penny or two, more or less, depending on which side of town you're on. My F-250 with a 351 & 4:10 gears only gets about 6-8mpg here in town. About 10-12 on the big road if I'm lucky! :pat: My cabover does way better then that. Maybe I should make it my everyday truck! B) They better start doing something to fix this, quick.......i.e. Tell the tree huggers where to go, and start building some more refinerys!!!!!!! Or, there's gonna be a lotta people going broke.

Just found this pic on Netscape news.....

When it gets that bad around here, I think I'll start walkin'!!!!!!!


Findlay, Ohio USA

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I have heard of some people getting hurt or killed fighting with people that are driveing off and not paying for gas!!! its sad that this is possible. If I hear one more tree hugger complain about why we cant build a refinery im going to need a new bumper !!!! :lol:


That's great !

I just saw Premium @ 3.99 p/g here on Long Island... :pat:

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