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International 2706


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This tractor has an interesting history behind it. Industrial version of the IH 706, one of 124 built, most which were diesels. Ours has a gas engine in it, and is one of 3 gas powered 2706s that we know to exist. The original engine, which would've been a C263, was replaced with a C282 out of a 501 combine (same block as the 263, but is also sleeveless, while the 263 had sleeves). Under that red paint is the original yellow paint that was on it when it left the factory. It was rebuilt some time in the early 1990s, then sold to a guy that lives a few miles from our farm, where it sat behind his house until 2 years ago. He had other offers to buy it, but they all wanted to turn it into a pulling tractor. Dad bought it because he was looking for something to plow with, he didn't realize what it was until he got it home and noticed the Industrial badge on the grille.


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The rear tires are 23.1-30s and full of fluid too. I'd hate to have to take those wheels off. The whole tractor weighs 9000 to 10000 pounds, definitely can't run it around at idle like I can with the other tractors (I've stalled it enough times to know). Definitely the biggest and most powerful tractor we have.

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Eventually, but for now it's staying red. Have too many other projects at the moment that need finished, and there are a few times when we actually need that tractor for something, so we don't want to have it all tore apart yet. Out of the 7 tractors we have, it's only tractor we have at the moment that has enough power for pulling loaded hay wagons and isn't tied up in some other use. The only other tractors that are capable of moving the loads we bale are the Allis Chalmers D15 and Long 560 we have, the D15 now has a sickle bar on it that isn't coming off any time soon, and the Long 560 is the one we pull the baler with. Our Farmall Super C can pull the loaded wagons too, but only if we don't have to climb any hills, it really struggles. And trying to hold back going down them can be a little hair raising, too. That's the other good thing about the 2706 for pulling wagons, it has hydraulic disk brakes. Stops just like a car.

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