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Modern diesel engines ?

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Do modern day diesel engine manufacturer's still build sleeved engines ? !

I haven't paid any attention as all of my stuff is old and obsolete, I was just curious in this buy it today throw it out next week world if sleeved engines have vanished and gone away ? !

I'm told sleeved engines are infinitely rebuildable ? Short of catastrophic failures such broken cranks and busted engine blocks ?

Maybe I was misinformed . . .


1953 REO M48.

1962 GMC 3000.

1969 AMC AMX-390.

1983 AMC Eagle SX/4.

1988 AMC Jeep Comanche.

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I've never had a Mack apart...when I was a kid I remember my dad's mechanic using dry ice to shrink new liners to slip them into a Mack block (673?). Are those "dry" liners (coolant doesn't touch the liner)? I worked on Cat and Cummins all my life; they use "wet" liners (coolant touches them)...they pull out pretty easy with a puller and you just "pop" them in with lube on the o-rings. We worked on a lot of engines that didn't get proper maintenance on the coolant, and cavitation would pit the liners to the point that they would either leak into the oil pan or right into the cylinder.

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