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International Truck Dealers Make $60 Million in Renovations


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Trailer/Body Builders / March 21, 2013

Navistar announced that its International truck dealer network has invested nearly $60 million in the past year to renovate or add more than 250 additional service bays.

“We know that one of the most important reasons our customers purchase International products over and over again, is because of the valuable relationship they have with their dealer,” said David Gerrard, senior vice-president, distribution, Navistar. “There are thousands of men and women in our dealer network who are on the frontlines with our customers, ensuring their trucks and drivers are operating with maximum uptime.”

Dealerships throughout the network have adopted newly prescribed customer service requirements including the expansion of service hours by more than 22 percent, increased technician training and investments in service and maintenance equipment.

“The adoption of these guidelines over the past several years has resulted in faster repairs, completed with the highest degree of quality,” said Gerrard. “More importantly, it means trucks are back on the road more quickly, delivering to our customers’ bottom line.”

To provide an extended support experience, many dealers offer mobile maintenance crews for fleets and some will provide large fleet customers with dedicated International service technicians on-site for enhanced service and support.

International’s dealer network includes more than 870 locations and 7,200 technicians across North America. It is also supported by a nimble parts distribution network including ten distribution centers.

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That Matt is good logic. Bad enough that you have a road failure-Worse when the dealer says..."Can't fit you in the shop till next week"

That must be the reason they put the freightshaker dealer right at the end of the exit so when the truck died you could coast right in keeping the tow bill cheap. LOL


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