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49 LS85 alternator wiring


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Can someone tell me the color codes for teh two small wires on the rear of the alternator. I took pictures but lost them when I changed out the phone. The three big leads are in order so I'm all set with them. This is not the gen set but the new for the time alternators with the big heat sink that hangs near the oil filter housing.

Any help is appreciated. I don't wan t to let the magic smoke out of anything I don't have to.



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I looked at my LS85 today and yes it has the 2 smaller wire on the top rear of the alternator , couldn't tell where they go cause they are in cloth wire loom, but I did look at my MACK wiring diagram and it appears that the small wire closest to the engine goes to the rectifier and is shown as a ground wire connection ,the outboard wire goes to the voltage regulator. to be sure I would use a continuity testor (flash light with 2 wires) and check to get a light from the wire to a ground point on the engine . hope this helps

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