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Old R model pics

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Just pulled up some pics of my 87 R686ST I rebuilt in '09 and started my dirt business with. Great little truck. Originally had a 4v 300 and a 5 speed, then it was repowered (and backdated) with a 237. When I bought it I also bought an '82 R model parts truck and I swapped the 2v 300 and 2 stick six speed into the '87 model. I painted it, installed new springs all the way around, changed the 34K camelback over to a 38K, put in a new dash, seat, overhead console, RH door, and installed a 13' Heil bed my uncle rebuilt back in the 90's for my dad. Had to part with it after running it for less than a year because I needed a triaxle, but I sold it to a good friend of mine and it's still running around town today. Anytime I need a hired truck on a job in addition to mine, he's the first man I call.post-560-0-10359600-1358217073_thumb.jpgpost-560-0-76286000-1358217773_thumb.jpgpost-560-0-70849200-1358217798.jpgpost-560-0-49400900-1358217829.jpgpost-560-0-55252800-1358217844.jpgpost-560-0-00274800-1358217882_thumb.jpgpost-560-0-32392000-1358217898_thumb.jpgpost-560-0-98851300-1358217921_thumb.jpgpost-560-0-73117100-1358217942_thumb.jpgpost-560-0-31427200-1358217961_thumb.jpgpost-560-0-42514400-1358217979_thumb.jpgpost-560-0-26125100-1358217997_thumb.jpg




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Well, yes and yes. I was trying to bridge across the creek with old broken up concrete and didn't go quite wide enough. If I remember right, we hooked my buddy's old Dodge pickup up to it to keep the front end from sliding in and she crept on out. Not one of my proudest moments. Lol


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