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Old Mack Pictures From my Afternoon:

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Well, my Nana was in the hospital again, but they let her come home today. Shes still not completely feeling better, but shes getting better. She had a bad pinched nerve. So after Mom got done working, we went up to Nana and Papas to visit. On the way, I saw this nice looking R model dump truck Ive never seen before. From some excavating company. Then theres a spot where theres two DMM's, then one disapeered, then I saw it in another place, then today its back where it was first, but all parted out. Then Papa took me out and showed me what hes done on the truck. Hes got mostly all the dash in, and 98% of the wiring and air lines hooked up. He also got a part of the fire wall in. Then on the way home, Mom and I stopped at McDonalds and while waiting in the drive through I see this baby. A smokey old white R model, right after I took the picture it let out a big black cloud. I was glad to know Nanas getting better, and I got to see Nana and Papa and the U685.

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Yea, I hope your nana gets well soon. Tell her that all of us here on BMT are thinking of her and send her our best wishes :)

On a different note, those DMM's are SICK. I've always wanted one of them to make a rollback or a wrecker out of.

Cousin Ben

Thanks Cousin Ben. Theres two other DMM's just like those but they have boxes in them with manuer shooters on the back.


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