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Cruiseliner on Kijiji Alberta

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I'm not sure how rare these are getting, nor if anyone is seriously hunting one down for use or restoration... I remember these as new when I worked at a Mack dealer here in BC in 1980, they were "just so purdy"..!!

I just know how long it took me to find a decent Ultraliner.. cabovers are getting hard to find, unless you are not looking for one, then they're everywhere..!!


does this one look good, bad or ugly???

BC Mack


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Being a WS-712LST, that means it has a 315 horsepower 300-PLUS engine designed for multi-speed transmissions. The Budd wheels and long wheelbase are pluses. While the later Macungie-built Cruise-Liners unquestionably had better build quality, there's something to be said for the Hayward unit's more attractive instrument panel.

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