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More Mack Pictures

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A little Marks Farm of Martinsburg action in your first picture.

If you go further north on 12 there are a lot of Macks hanging around at the Murcrest Farm in Burrville (I think?).

Also, there is the red and black B61 mixer guarding the concrete plant gate at the south end of Watertown.

Just went through there and didn't have the camera ready. What the hell was I thinking?



It doesn't cost anything to pay attention.

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Your right Jim! If you go back a little ways, from Marks, theres a little town called Glenfield. Thats where I live. I need to get pictures of all them Macks at Murcrest. I have a picture of the B model in Watertown. By the way, Marks is on 26, not 12. But Murcrest is on 12. Murcrest is halfway between Copenhagen and Burrville.


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