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Air change on transmission


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We have a R600. What is the correct way to do a gear shift from 2high to 3low? We used to be able to flick the switch then change the gear. Recently this does not seem to work as well as changing the gear then flicking the switch just before releasing the clutch. Do we have an air related problem?

On the stick there are 6 hoses numbered 1 to 6. On the gearbox there are 2 cylinders one larger than the other. they have numbers 1 to 4 on them. where should 5 & 6 go to. Which cylinder is low high.What is inside these cylinders? Do they have rubber seals that wear out?

The air goes though pressure reducers, can these cause problems?

Any help greatly appreciated.


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This raises another point. I don't think the air filter is connected properly as there seems. Can you tell me how it is supposed to be plumbed in. If there is water damage what am I looking for?

Thanks so much for the input guys. I am having trouble getting this info locally!

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I have been there with the slow shift I changed the filter added an air dryer to the truck and rebuilt the shift solenoids there was corrosion and what I would call mud in the solenoids I think that was my problem but Mack did not stock that filter and had to order me a case of them.

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