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  1. would you be able to email me a copy of that
  2. I'm comparing it to a cummins. You have answered the question. Just got to use more brakes.
  3. As long as it's not pointing downhill!!
  4. On my E6 350 the Dynatard is not very effective. This is the only one I've used so i don't know what to expect but it is at best 20% of a Maxi Brake. Is this normal or should I be looking at something. The tappets have been done recently and that made no difference.
  5. We Have This As 1974, But It Is Only hearsay. Can Anyone Help?
  6. You Were Spot On. Very Easy To Get It Wrong! Thankyou.
  7. Name: Our Flinstone Date Added: Owner: Mort Mort
  8. forgotten password

  9. I Took This Photo While Trying To Keep The Flinstone Straight On The Loose Gravel. I Was Carting Large Square Bales On A Drop Deck, He Was Carting Wheat, West Of Moree, Nsw, Australia.
  10. Our Old Flinstone Has Required A Pump Change. When We Fitted The Pump We Aligned The Gap In The Teeth With The Pin On The Oppossing Half. We Were Lead To Believe That This Would Reset The Timing Correctly. Not So! What Have We Missed?
  11. Having replaced these valves and set them to 60psi each with a gauge I can't get the split to work properly. Has anyone got any ideas on other pressure settings?
  12. If the shaft is bent there would be instant disintegration. I'm thinking very worn bushes. Once it spins up probably just acceptable. Check for leaks between turbo and inlet manifold, particularly the hoses. These cause serious black smoke.
  13. Quite some time ago I put up a question as to why I couldn't split shift without severe grinding. The general consensus was that I should put a kit in the hand piece and the shifters on the box. I did this and nothing changed. I was at a loose end. What else could there be? Some months later I was driving when there was a huge gush of air out of the hand piece. On inspection one of the large O rings had slipped up the side of the barrel. this was the new barrel. I refitted the old barrel and continued on. This made me think that maybe the inside of the outer barrel was worn since the rest wa
  14. What is the max revs that a 350 can be taken to downhill?
  15. This raises another point. I don't think the air filter is connected properly as there seems. Can you tell me how it is supposed to be plumbed in. If there is water damage what am I looking for? Thanks so much for the input guys. I am having trouble getting this info locally!
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