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Just thought I would take a survey on how many of us are having a cold one and or thinking about having one or several today since it is 106 degrees in many of our states at this time?Just went to the store and bought several bags of ICE. I went alone to see some Sprint Car Racing ( Wheels Of Outlaw ) at Clarksville RaceWay last night. And had me a bag that can carry six beverages with ice on my shoulder. Went up to the admission stand to pay and they told me I could not carry a cooler inside the fence. I asked what about the Pit Area? They did not know. So I said then I would like to see me kicked out over carrying water bottles with ice into the races. I was becoming ill about it so I just kept on walking on through..........had no one bother me or check me to see what I had on my shoulder. I did open it while in the Pit Area and have me a cold water. Eventually I decided to go back to the car since it was getting heavy to carry it all loaded with ice. I finally got settled for the evening and had a good time sitting with some other codgers just like me. Who says ya can't have fun by yourself?


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Just pulled my dinner out of the microwave....reheated pork roast w/ carrots & taters from the crock pot the other night. Still haven't turned on my AC here at the house...been plenty comfortable all weekend in the triple digits.

When approaching a 4-way stop, the vehicle with the biggest tires has the right of way!
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