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Question for GA members?

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Unless policy has changed, there is no antique registration program available. How you register depends, on how you will use it. A county of residence type tag is $150.00 plus county tax. It is good instate only, if you are working the truck. Proof of insurance is necessary, along with a copy of a currant 2290, if you register for over 55,000 lbs. Stay under 55,000 regardless, to avoid reams of paperwork. Example, a tandem dump is allowed 61,000, the federal highway on say 30,000 miles is not much but you have to keep records of miles run and file a 2290 annually. Register for 55,000 and if you ever get cited for being over registered weight, pay it and go on.

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Big Dog

Give Mr. Leon Ledford at call at home 864-639-2027, Cell 864-508-1076. Leon does not have a puter. He has his 76 F model registered in Georgia with insurance thru State Farm. He also probably has Randy Howells phone number who has a B75 registered in Ga.


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