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RD Turbo charger draining oil at connection point ... and engine oil won`t guage

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A `98 RD dump that was almost been put on the road after a long period of inactivity is spewing white smoke after the engine is started. The turbo charger is slightly draining oil at the connection point. In addition the engine oil pressure won`t gauage after adding 2 gallon of oil. Is the oil too low or is it that the turbo charger is faulty? Could this be responsible for the white smoke from the exhaustÉ

Mechanic recommended installing a new turbo charger but want to get other opinion before doing that.

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Leaking oil at which connection point? By my count there are 6 on a turbo, exhaust in, out, intake air in, out and oil in, out. So where is the turbo leaking oil? Why are you running it with no oil pressure? You can take a cheap gauge from auto zone and screw the sender into the head or block and check it to make sure the factory gauge or sender aren't bad. If you have oil coming out of any of the air connections yes it will cause smoke.

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any luck ? certified know it all gives good advice. real mechanic comment not said as a putdown,only seems like truck has seriuos issues and proffesional advice will goa long way fixing the actual prblem. we all need to save $$

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