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Air Start tank

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well theres generally only 3 valves on then... delivery valve,, start engine valve,,and tank fill line check valve,,,all 3 of them are pretty inexpensive,,if you have a leak,,,i would just start by changing all 3,,and new air lines...but if you dont wanna spend too much,,i would start by changing the inlet fill tank check valve,,try that first,,if that dont do it,go to engine start valve,,and listen for air leaking.oh,,also sometimes the factory installed a seperate shutoff valve to air tank control waqs on dashboard,,,from what i remember,,it was a big chrome toggle switch..good luck bob

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checked on mine today rubber was a bit secondhand so i put on a new one no air pressure drop now

thanks for this

good deal,,,thats usually the first place to check,,,for any air pressure holding problem...bob
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