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oil lines ? end711

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I have a small oil line coming out of the driver side block where the rest of the lines come out to the luberfiner, it dosent look like theres another port on the luberfiner for this line .

There is another unknown line coming from the coolent manifold. The top pic is coolent I'm guessing my finger is on it. The bottom pic I'm holding the line that gos to nowhere it has quit a lot of oil come out when I start the truck.




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the left pic is the shutterstat. goes into the water jacket and lets air thru when the truck is cold to close the shutters. looks like something went bad and someone unhooked it.. should have an air line going from the pass side firewall to it and another comin from it going to the shutter cylinder on the left side of the horse collar on the front of the truck. the other line looks like it should go to the oil pressure gauge and someone cobbed it up.


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