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Transmission Grinding Noise

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Had a T310M transmission rebuilt. Three weeks later I started hearing a grinding noise on all the gears. I took it back and they dissassembled the transmission and checked all the gears. Then rebuilt it again. Still same problem. The mechanic said the problem is somewhere else probably the rear end. or the power divider. He is completely lost and cannot find the problem. Need help.

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check your ride height, chances are it's set too high or low, simple fix but it has to be the right number. Call Mack with your vin number and make sure they know the measurement from where to where. I just spent 8200.00 on rebuilt 18 spd that lead to changing the full clutch assembly,rebuilding the pto. Only to find the Mack dealer measured the ride height wrong. The Pete dealer lowered the ride from 7 to 4 1/8, sound like a new truck. No parts 2 minutes labor. Mine was from the top of the spring perch to the bottom of the frame. (spring perch) the block of steel not the spring, 4 1/8 plus or minus 1/8"

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