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2000 E7-300 uprate options


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We bought 3 or 4 CH612's about the same year as yours, all had the EM7 300 ETECH engine, Some of the customers/buyers wanted the HP bumped up. As it turned out these enines had the offset camshaft key ways "advanced" . To go any higher with the HP we would have to pull cam and either put a straight key way in for 350 or 400 HP or flip the key way around "retarded" and go for the 427 or 460 HP. Plus turbo and or injectors would have to be replaced depending on desired HP. Customer ended up keepin them the way they were. A Mack dealer can request a HP conversion to see what parts to change and download cost. Its free to ask.

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I just bought a 1999 RD690S with an EM7 300 ETECH. I gave the VIN number to the dealer and he sent it off to the factory and they told him that to get 400 hp I would have to change the injectors and the turbo and update the computer. To put in 6 Mack Reman Injectors, a mack reman turbo, reprogram the computer, and resticker the engine would be 3650. It is in the shop getting it done now. The service manager said that many have uprated the EM7 ETECH to 400 and it did not overstress the engine. I think mine is a VMAC lll.

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