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Big Truck Fatalities and Injuries Up in 2010... Why?


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I know they had 1 today on 24 eastbound in Oak Grove,Ky. Suv crossed median and Head first into the trailer tandems knocking them out and the suv looked like a can of sardines. Truck and trailer upright trailer was slid of the road down in the ditch. Sad part is the attorneys are gonna make it look like the Truck drives fault and get the family to try and sue them. It is only gonna get worse for them and they are gonna have a long way to go

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no matter what its always the trucks fault. my wifes aunt hit a loaded coal truck winter before last she was driving too fast on snow covered road and hit the tractor right in the steer axle and busted the fuel tank batt box and so on. she had to be cut out of her car. the fire dept im on responded to the scene and the truck was almost halfway off of the road trying to dodge her. and guess what the dot wrote the driver a ticket for leaking fuel on the road and tried to put the blame on him for the wreck. the wifes aunt dont talk to us anymore because they were going to try to get some of the fire fighters summoned to testify and i told her whose fualt it was and now im a lieing piece of crap and i didnt see it happen. but im glad they dont talk to us anymore shes been arrested 2 times for dui and improper container but she did do anything wrong the cops were liars and set her up.bull crap i say..

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I would of said a few years ago no when I had a couple off accidents including a rear ender. I got rear ended bobtail. watched the guy coming and had no where to go. knocked the hell out of me because he was playing with his daughter. Another I hit someone getting on the turnpike and I4 in orlando. lady came the ramp the and was lost. instead of going into the doubles staging area she stopped mid ramp after cutting across in front of me. I shot her clear across the road trunk in the back seat. If anything had come out of it I would of gotten the blame I was speeding hell just look at the rubber I laid down. She got 3 tickets and I got none. Go figure. Cop knew she was lost and lieing about where she came from when he could see the bags in the back seat. Then I got side swiped. I was on the side of the road and some drunk fell asleep swiped me and hit the car broke down in front of me. landed in some trees. a month to the day later I had someone coming down an entrance ramp and I could not move. Now this ramp is a mile long and the old timer tried pulling in front of me. hit my right front steer smacked my grill and eventually came out the driver side hitting me again and hit the people next to me head on. Been lucky for sure

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