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E7 Oilpan Gasket


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I have a e7-427 in a '96 Ch613. It has one of those rubber vibration-damping oilpan gaskets. The oilpan started leaking through the gasket, so I got a new gasket and new rubber washers for the bolts and replaced it like they said, taking care to clean the heck out of everything and make sure it was dry. It got a little better, but still leaked. I tried it again... This time I reused the new gasket because the book says they're reusable... it was worse. Any tips or tricks? I thought of using some of that spray gasket-maker... just a thin layer to seal 'er up. Haven't tried it yet, wanted to see if anyone had a better idea. Thanx.

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Make sure its not the air compressor to engine block gasket leaking, I have seen those leak and make it look like the oil pan gasket was leakin. And like Higgy said, silicon where the front timing cover and rear flywheel housing meet the block.

where exactly is it leaking? did you put straight edge on pan? ceck for crack on lip of pan also.

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