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1988 Mack R686

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I found a 1988 R686 that is claimed to have 150,000 miles. The pic in the ad looks like its a very nice truck. Its equiped with a 350 hp Mack, double frame, 8 sp LL trans, 80 % tires, wet kit. The ad says super nice & clean. Im going to try to have a look at it by next week. My question is if its what the seller says is $14,000 a reasonble price ? If I dont get it & anyones interested I'll pass the info on.


Cuba, Mo

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1985 Mack R686

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If it is true milage sounds like a good deal to me. Do a carfax report on it , it will tell you the correct mileage if it's been inspected regularly.


Don't mean to discredit: Carfax is not worth the paper it is written on most times. It is only a database that for the most part is inacurate at best. If a car is repaired by an insurance claim, and repaired at a participating entinty, it can be accurate, and I do mean CAN. If the vehicle is repaired at an independent shop, (such as mine) it will not be input to this database, no matter how severe the damage. In this area, only large DRP's (Direct Repair Program participants) tied in with the insurance companies input to the Carfax database.

A person still needs to get a "look see" before making any type of purchase as Carfax is only a tool and should not be used as "God's Blessing" that all is well and honest. Keep in mind that a dealer is there to sell, and a private individual is trying to do the same thing.


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