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a Note from my Napa Store


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I got this from my NAPA parts supplier. Paul

1) To our politicians: We really could care less about your skewed outlook on the buying public. As a public servant with perks none of us will ever see, you have no clue what goes on at street level. Get behind our counters and experience life as the rest of us do. While 100% of our citizens are struggling to make ends meet, and while we struggle to keep them buying, you ignore everything outside your Washington cocoon except what it takes to get re-elected and to bring down the opposite party. Why are you blind to the fact that as you do so, you bring the rest of us down too? We don’t have campaign dollars to draw from, we have businesses to run which we hope provides us some funds. In addition, the fact that 12 of you alone recently, in a room without external interference, could not even agree on one budget cut to submit to our president is basically saying that our two party system has failed us, and that there is no interest in considering how the next generation (our kids and grandkids) will fix what you broke. While you dickered over which side was right in the budget cutting process, did any one of you even think of us on the street?

2) To our media: Stop reporting bogus, ridiculous and inaccurate surveys and statistics. If you wonder why the public has such a low opinion of our media, look at what you print. Columnists and editorials make more sense than what you report as “news”. And why do you insist on printing ongoing “surveys” telling us day after day how bad things are, how confidence is down and how we should expect the worst. Your drama only provides more reasons the consumer will close his wallet and go home. You make good partners for our politicians: Neither of you understands how much what you say and print affects our customers’ buying habits. There is no doubt you alone are creating a second recession by unnecessarily scaring the daylights out of the buying public each and every day.

3) To our Occupiers: Get organized, make an agenda, and create a definite and specific mission for your group. Camping out in squalor in various cities around the USA serves no one. Without a definite goal and process by which to meet it, you will fail. And you do not belong in New York, Philadelphia or Oakland. You belong in Washington. Remember that unified citizens coordinated for a specific cause in an organized manner can move mountains. How do you think this country was established in the first place? It was not by occupying parks in London.

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