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All: Was looking through truck paper and came across an interesting web site Aran Trading LTD

in Salsbury Mass. Lots of nice Macks for sale. A little pricy but they look to be in great shape. looks like they do restorations and then put them up for sale. 2 nice B-61sx dumps for sale. Hopefully they

won't end up exported. Probably won't because of price. There is another used Mack site in Mississippi with a lot of Macks much cheaper. Many of these don't get saved and end up for export.


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I live near Aran Trading. They do have some nice trucks, and price them on the high side, which does have the effect of keeping them inside the country, although it also tends to keep things on the lot, too. Interestingly enough, the prices also seem to go up over time. I don't know if this is because they continue to work on them, or they are trying to recover their costs of carrying the stock.

The grey Superliner is a really nice rig. Too much for me, unfortunately, and it keeps getting further away from what I can pay. The new black Superliner looks good in the pictures.

Recently, the listed two white Superliners, a restored 79 and a cleaned up 87, both for the same price. Both are still there.

I don't know if there is flexibility in the prices or not, as I have never asked. I assume that since things hang around, there likely isn't much room for haggling. The other big guy around here is global truck traders. I bought the R688T dump from them. They do a nice job also. Their stock tends to churn a lot more than Aran's. R model tractors seem to hang around a week or two and then disappear. Hopefully they stay in country, but I don't know. Based on the pricing, I assume they do.

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