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Mack Terrapro, The New Mr

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Well, I suppose- after 30 years, we can tolerate a little spiffing up of the MR... Especially since they kept the round headlights. The new dash was probably a cost saving move, and an adjustable steering column would be a good thing. That said, they shoulda raised the roof a bit while they were at it- with an air seat the taller drivers will still be banging there head on the MR's roof.

The MP8 engine opens up some new possibilities though- The MR may be crude, and there's no sleeper option, but with well over 400 horses it could pick up some of the customers DCX abandoned when they deported the Argosy.

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Perhaps Schwing has an even bigger concrete pumper in the wings?

Concord (Concord's Website) is build ing 65M pumps on Mack MR chassis's, with 460 HP. I don't know how well they cool though.

It's 125,000 lbs PLUS!!

Schwing builds a 61M, Putzmeister a 63M. Pretty much all the others have 52 and 55M booms too.

The measurement is from the ground to the tip, with the boom vertical.

I run a 36 M and it reaches 118' straight up, and it'll reach 95' from the front bumper....the 65M Concord has double that, 190'. My 36M Schwing weighs 64,000 lbs. Pwered by 285 HP, and a mountain-eating 6 speed. :P

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i run with 36M alliance(concord) i run with 400 HP with 8LL :pat:

my engine a fear moutain :bmod1: :bmod1:

mack good truck! only need more HP yes my truck weight around 64,000 lbs :thumb:

alliance pumps! 42 meters up(50 meters,55meters) standart engine is 460 hp with 18 speed! :clap:

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