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Can't remember if I talked about this one:


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Back in 2000 when I was first starting on my new building, a guy comes up to the jobsite and tells me he would like to sell his 1980 R model tractor. Says it runs good but needs a crank kit, (EM6-300). I go to look at the truck and it is a unit that has been run to death. Sitting in a back lot of an abandoned building with spoke hubs on front, budd style on the rears, 4.17 Mack rears, bald tires, (two flat) a nine speed Fuller which I don't know the model. The best part is the engine cause on the ground beneath the truck sits the oil pan. This thing has been sitting so long the liners, and the crank journal that has a spun bearing are completely rusted over. It does have a good hood, cab that could be salvaged, and a good straight frame long enough for a sleeper, (it was a day cab). The price? $2500.00 cash. To top this off, he was going to keep the doors because they were lettered in his defunct grain elevator business. Told him I couldn't do that and we parted company amicably.

Couple weeks ago this guy stops by the shop again saying he needs to clean up the property where this truck is sitting, (it has not moved since 2000 I know of). Still, it only needs a crank kit and the selling price is $2500.00 and bring my checkbook and trailer. Once again I tell him "I can't do that", but I'll give you $750.00 the way it sits. He replies, "I can scrap it for $1500.00". I responded that if he were looking for scrap value I would trade him an equal amount of weight in scrap steel and iron for the tractor to keep it from going to the crusher. I have a couple of chassis that are stripped of almost anything usable for a restoration, and a couple blown engines etc. Anyways I could give him about 16,000# of legitimate scrap for his tractor and I could load it.

I seen the tractor underneath a couple of crushed cars on a drop deck this afternoon go by the shop.

Such a shame.


Dog.jpg.487f03da076af0150d2376dbd16843ed.jpgPlodding along with no job nor practical application for my existence, but still trying to fix what's broke.



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what an idiot,,,and he thought you were the idiot...for those concerned,,,went back to work tuesday,after 6 months off,,man.3 nites,,and 4 and a half training hours,,im exhausted,thought the week,was never gonna end..im ready for the long weekend...bob

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Glad to hear you're back to work Bob, 3 day weekend should help get you back in the swing of things. 3 day work week next week for me, then off the 9th - 19th crewing out at the air races :banana:


ya man i sure need these three days,,enjoy your time off..bob

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