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New From The Green Mountains


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Yes, most of us with the B models, know of the warp speed of these trucks. I bought mine in late 08 and found out within 10 months, when I was south of downtown Nashville, reluctantly wanting to drive it home during rush hour traffic, on the interstate. But I was also concerned about it becoming dark outside and most businesses closing and a possible towing trip again. I should also mention that this truck has the original type brake canisters. So braking to me was questionable and too risky. But I decided that it was not going to drive itself home. So I took off making sure when needing to stop, that I would give myself several car links of space. It worked and finally decided to hop on the interstate, probably the first time it had ever driven on a smoother suface. I should also mention that my g/f was following me in her car with flashers on. The imbarrasement of being on the interstate with a truck speed of 45 mph was enough to endure, but all of a sudden I found myself among friends. Yeah, can you believe the majority of these guys were not giving me the Hawaiian Piece Sign, but were giving me the Thumbs Up. It sure helped give me a better since of pride to own such a piece of history and also to know it made the 20 mile journey without a problem is extreamly rewarding.

I hope all of you guys feel the same as I do about these trucks because they paved a better future for years to come.

Welcome to BMT


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