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Well I have put about 1000 miles in the truck with my 5" straight stacks..have to say that its not bad in the cab with all the sound deading I installed. The fire wall and floor let most of the noise in and I think some more improvement can be made mainly around the shift boots and steering shaft boot. I can't really feel the dab vibrate like I did before I had installed the sheets of dynamat. Now I just need some A/C in the cab!!!

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I talked with some guys out in Calf. that is all they do is sound proofing. The info I recieved from them to fix the shifter boot problem is to use closed cell foam chunks on top of your trans between the floor, the more the better. I have noticed that alot of the diesel pickups that are sticks have a giant foam block ontop of the trans, and if you leave it out it is load a all get out.


15 gears...no waiting!
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I think that isolation is the key to a quite cab,the more you can isolate the cab from the chasis the quiter it will be,but there is only so much you can do with an older truck but changing it over to an air ride cab would cut down a lot of noise also trany mounts and engine mounts if worn out will transfer a lot of noise into the cab.

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