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76 R-600


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I am considering purchasing a Mack R-600 and need some feedback and info on this truck. Does Mack have a list of specs if a person has the serial # ? The 6cyl motor is marked 3C ser # endtb675c is that a 235HP motor? It has an aux trans with OD , two rods move the shifter. Is this a 4 speed Aux with a 5 speed main? Also on the dash is a light denoting antilock? Is this for brakes? The truck is from US goverment with 129,000 miles and needs at minimum paint or restoration. It is rustfree and sound with good bias ply tires. I intend to mount a tree spade on it. The price is $7500 plus shipping. What do you all think? Ray

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You can contact the mack museum and give the serial number of the truck. they will provide you all the info of what the truck had when it left the assembly line.

if its only got that many miles it sounds like a good deal. im not shure what trans it has as some times people replaced things over the years. A "standard" R model from that era would likely be equiped with a 237hp-250 hp, non overdrive 2 stick 6 speed or single stick 5 speed, with 34,000 rear ends. all trucks are speced diffrnetly but that combanation seams fairly common. at least here in chicago

most R model macks with mack transmissions that had 2 sticks will be a simple 5 speed main and the aux box will have Direct/low and reverse/ giving you 6 speeds foward and 5 in reverse. if it is a 5x4 that would be a quad box and you will have 20 gears. My 78 mack has anti lock brakes but they have been unhooked for what looks like years. On my mack there should be a silver alum box mounted foward of the first rear axel driver side. thats where mine is

if you need quicker info and cannot wait a few weeks for the museum to get you the info. get to your local mack dealer and ask them if they have any records of your truck.

Good luck


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