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2006 Ch613

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Looking at purchasing a 2006 ch613 with a 427. Does anyone know if this model gives some of the same trouble as the 2004 ch"s 427.Have any changes been made to the engine"s from the 2004 to the 2006.

need to post vin. need to check for updates.

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It doesn't look like there have been many changes made to that truck since it was built as far as ECU programming is concerned. Should be able to upgrade the VECU to step 12B for a little better throttle response. The 2006 engines are still prone to the same problems as earlier years, turbo housings cracking, exhaust leaks, but these items seem to fail with less frequency than before.

"Mebbe I'm too ugly and stupid to give up!"

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Yes i agree. There is some dealer techs here that know and have a way of finding info that the rest of us cant find.

We are and all are lucky to have guys that work at a dealer on here because thats the only way the infomation on new products and systems get out of a text book and out and into the feild.

glenn akers

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