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1958 Mack Engine Identification


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I have a 1958 Mack B-613LT with a Thermodyne Diesel engine. I have searched the previous posts for information where my engine ID stamp might be located. I have looked on the right (passenger) front side of the engine on the curved portion of the casting where the fuel injection pump is connected; the right rear side of the block near the head in case the engine was out of a cabover. I have even looked on the right front engine support arm (??) as identified in a Motors manual I have. I have yet to find any stamped or cast numbers/letter that make any sense.

Looking at an older mack maintenance manual that I have, the engine most resembles an ENDT- 673. It does have an American Bosch fuel injector pump, starter on the lower right (passenger) side, oil filters on the driver's side, turbo on the right, etc.

Not sure where to look from here. I have tried cleaning areas that I could get to, but if anyone has some better idea of where to look, it would be greatly appreciated!! :)

Thanks, Scott

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I did a little looking, is there a chance this could be a 711 engine? Does anybody know where the ID information can be found on a 711?


if it is a 711,it's newer than a '58,they came out in '62.711's were mostly natural aspirated engines,but turbo's were added to some.The numbers on a 711 were stamped in the same location as a 673,on the timing cover for conventionals,back side for COE's.

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Thanks to all who replied with ideas - either a previous owner ground it off, or I have scrubbed so hard with a wire brush that the stamped numbers are gone!! :P

Either way, I got the line sheet from the Mack museum recently and the truck was originally supplied with a ENDT673. That's an awesome resource those folks are providing, just hope people don't take advantage of the service.

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