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Here's What I Did This Weekend

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This past Saturday my Dad, my Brother and I went to fix 2 E9 V8s that our friend Ted Crea has.

The first was in an Ultraliner which just needed to started after sitting for a while. The second

was Ted's Magnum superliner that he bought off our cousin a couple of years ago. We had to put

on a different injection pump because the old one had issues. After the pump was done my Brother

and I got to test the old Magnum out :chili::thumb::D and boy did we have fun.

I love the sound of a V8 Mack in the evening :lol: . I really wish I owned this

truck. Here's a few pictures of it. Enjoy :thumb::chili::D !!

Thanks, Josh :mack1::SMOKIE-LFT:

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I took a video of my Brother making a few rounds with it that I'm going to post up on youtube in

a few days. The video is almost 4 minutes long :chili: ! I'll try and post up a link when I do.

I don't know how, but My Dads Superliner V8 doesn't sound as nice as this one and it has 6in.

straight pipes that are the same hieght as this one. Don't get me wrong my Dad's sounds

really good but this one sounds even better. I guess live is good :lol::D .

Thanks, Josh :D:mack1::SMOKIE-LFT:

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