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Howdy From Milton Pa


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Just purchased a 1965 B615...will take delivery by next Saturday! (hopefully)

Once she gets here, expect tons of questions! Everything I know about old Macks (not much)

I learned here in the last two weeks.


I've delivered a few loads of steel to Milton Steel, haven't been there in a while though.

Producer of poorly photo-chopped pictures since 1999.

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Welcome Leslie, to the BMT site. By finding your Vin# on your frame and on your passenger door plate. You can get lots of literature with a donation sent to the Mack Truck Museum on your truck. You can call them Mon., Wed., or Fri. 10:00a.m. til 4:00p.m. est. This is there new number as of today since they have moved,Phone#610-351-8999. There is a web-site oldmacksrus.com that you can find lots of information about B-Models and a wiring diagram to help you.

Happy Trucking :WELCOME:


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Thanks for making me feel welcome...I have been reading post after post after post trying to learn!

Truck should be here Friday...After making sure the brakes are adequate, I will drive around a big parking lot across the street from my house...then take it out on the back roads till I get comfortable and think I can safely make it up my driveway!

Gotta buy some chocks and a fire extinguisher first...then spend the next few days getting the cobwebs and "farm" stuff/smell outta the cab...followed by a good under carriage steam cleaning...then the fun begins...

I know I will need 3/4 drive sockets...big impact wrench, bigger compressor, sand blaster...

...wait, this is gonna get expensive! ;-)

I am sure I will be asking plenty of questions!



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