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Removal Of Dash Panel

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Hello all,

What is the best way to remove the dash panel? What needs to be loosened before pulling it out some, etc. Is there typicall enough slack to pull it out a ways to replace some switches etc. Any info appreciated.



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dash panel for a B model? if yes the 4-5 screws holding it to the dash remove and then you can get a hand in the back to remove the tach and speedo cables. after thay are undone you should have more room to work with to get the guages out. The gauges will need to be removed one by one as they slide in from the front of the panel.

hope this helps


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George, you might want to disconect the battery cables ,when you pull the panel back it will short out on your ingniton switch and light switch, been there done that.          Ron

Well, it is funny (not really) that you both mention that. I actually started the process before I asked (imagine that). Yep, I heard a short, a buzz, and then my low air pressure warning buzzer buzzes all the time, although the tone changes a little around 60 psi. (I do learn better with a good kick to the nuts.... but I really would like to start askin first.......

Thanks for the help,


What kind of issues did y'all experience?

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