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1961 B 61t Nonturbo Normal Oil Pressure?


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I changed oil in the 1961 B61T with 673 nonturbo . I am showing steady 20-25 lb oil pressure hot idle. The truck is yard driven only so I can't tell if I am near normal. I am using Valvoline 15W 40 All Fleet Plus. There was no grit or slime in the pan or the oil screen. Is 20 to 25 psi normal hot idle and what should I have on the road? Thanks Mark

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20 psi is where my non turbo 673 hot idles, goes up to 60 psi when pulling. don't know what is normal, but mine has been like this for years

Mine is about 30 psi hot idle, and near 70 psi cold. During a warm pull, 65 is about normal with straight 30 wt. Chevron diesel oil.


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