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Rent, Buy, Or Sit On The Porch?

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As most of the regular readers on this site know I sold my MH612 and now I am having seller's remorse. But that is water over the dam so to speak. I thought I could rent a truck from Ryder, Penske, or a local dealer but they will not rent to a private individual unless I have $1MM liability insurance. I checked with my insurance agent (State Farm) and they could not find any underwriters that would insure me. So now I am stuck without a truck and cannot rent one.

I recently found a 2000 Ryder CH612 with 600K miles on the clock. I have not seen the maintenance history but I will request and review the history before making any decision. One item in particular is the camshaft. I would think it was changed with this many miles on the engine. The price is right on this truck if it passes the "smell" test.

I know I should not be pursuing a newer truck but I am spoiled with the conveniences of power steering, A/C, and air ride suspension.

Now for the BIG questions...should I consider the purchase of another truck? Or does anyone know where I can rent a truck? Or does anyone know an insurance company that will provide liability coverage? Or should I search for another MH612 and convert to an air ride? :idunno:

Thanks for any suggestions!


PRR Country and Charter member of the "Mack Pack"

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You're on the right path it sounds like, just a word of caution on buying a used fleet truck: I've seen some of these that had been neglected in the general maintenance area (engine oil was not changed regularly), so check it out before jumping in to it. After 10 years or so the E-Tech engines have proven to be pretty solid engines, and there are still plenty of repair parts for both the engine and the cab. Good luck.

"Mebbe I'm too ugly and stupid to give up!"

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