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I am a newbee to this sight. I don't own any Macks but just interested ion them,especially the B series. I read somewhere that the Studebaker car company made the B series cabs for Mack Trucks. Is this true or just another urban legend. Any input would be appreciated.

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Not true.

I have a 1/2 ton Studebaker truck and a Mack, ex concret mixer. The cabs do look similar the way they are rounded and glass placement but the Studebakers were made inhouse in South Bend IN. The Macks are much wider to fit on the big truck frame.

The Studebaker C-cab as it is called was introduced in 1949 with the R series. The same basic cab was used up until 1964 in the large trucks (large to Stude was 2 to 2 1/2 ton).

Mack contracted their cabs out. Someone will chime in with the name of the company.


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I believe the Mack B cabs were made by Chicago manufacturing. I believe they also made the IH comfort cab, which was also used by Diamond T, Hendrickson, Sicard and others. I am not sure who made the small white cabs or the auto car cab. Autocar may have made their own cab. One of the reasons White bought autocar was to get there cab. I believe they bought Reo to get there overhead valve gas engine. They probably bought Diamond T to get a good looking truck.

Whatever the reasons they over extended thenselves and went bankrupt. Vol!!!!$$$ bought them and killed them all off except A-car cabovers. Hopefully they don,t do the same to Mack

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There is a book called "Mack" by John Montville.

According to the book, Mack picked up 'Peter O. Peterson', 'Executive Vice President' at Studebaker Corp in 1951.

I think that is where the "Studebaker" look came from in the 'B' model trucks.


Keep a clutchin'

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