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If you dig around, you will find a post with pictures of some French built Mack's. They were imported from the US with no cab and fitted with Locally built cabs. They were quite unique looking with the French cab and stock radiator, hood and fenders. I would imagine this is a similar situation, a Mack shipped with no cab and then fitted with a locally sourced cab.

Okay, I did the digging:




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I don't know the name or if this applied to the early years or not,but during the '70's &'80's,Mack shipped the trucks to the importer/dealer "CKD" Completely Knocked Down,and were assembled upon arrival.

They still do that with some of the imports (South America).

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What can you say about this information. I found it on Iranian Yellow Page:

Iran Kaveh Industrial Company

Iran Kaveh Industrial Company was established in 1964 to assemble American "Mack" trucks. The company started assembling operations since 1968, however, after Islamic Revolution interrupted relations with the USA caused sharp decrease in production so that the manufacture of "Mack" finally ceased in 1983. Then, this company engaged merely in producing different types of trailers, and dump trucks, but in 1988 it established new set of cooperation with Swedish "Volvo" company to manufacture "Volvo F12" trucks. In 1999, Iran Kaveh merged with SAIPA and formed SAIPA Diesel Manufacturing Group.

Could it be this company?

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